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Liubov Photos

Your Beautiful Day to Remember

Photo, Video Gallery

It happens once, the day of dreams come true.  Your memories continue forever, it happens eternally.  Who will you trust to preserve your memories?  SonataAmor is the song of love, the background music to your memories.

  • liubov & Dmitry

  • Manar Elmashni Wedding Short

  • Liubov Wedding Master

  • The Goody Wedding

  • Santos & Nasseem

  • Jason & Shira

  • Alex Lam Cupid

  • Huppe Wedding Short

  • Jinon Same Day Edit

  • Jinjie Music Video

All pictures were made by Jack Baker photography.

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Photo, Video & Music


Everything begins with a love story…

VIdeography, Photography & Music

Your journey together, your story, and your wedding day. Capturing those precious moments requires an artist's eye and a deep appreciation for the magic of love.

As a well-experienced professional, creative wedding artist, I specialize in immortalizing the emotions, the laughter, and the tender embraces, ensuring your love story is forever cherished on video and in photography. Trust me to create timeless memories that will make your heart skip a beat.

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Music, Master of Ceremonies & DJ Service

With over four decades of experience as a Master-Of-Ceremonies since 1982, I bring unmatched expertise to your special day. From my exceptional DJ skills to my seamless event coordination, I create an unforgettable experience filled with joyous melodies and seamless transitions. Trust me to make your wedding truly memorable. Contact me now to start planning your celebration of a lifetime.


The secret ingredient to making your event unforgettable.


Your wedding video is a priceless treasure, preserving the feelings of your special day. It captures emotions, sounds, and fleeting details that fade with time. From tears of joy to heartfelt speeches, it encapsulates your love story. Share this beautiful keepsake with loved ones, creating a lasting legacy of cherished memories. Ensure that your memories never fade away and your wedding day's beauty on film is preserved.

THE film
THE memories
your love story

The flavor and essence of your wedding memories to keep forever.

Celebrate your
special day with us

Wedding Photography, Cinematography, Music & DJ Services since 1982

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Return Policy

Return Policy

1.  When you hired us we became your employee.  When you were hired at your job, you became their employee.  When you did something that made your boss angry, did you give your paycheck back?  No? Great....we don't return our paychecks either.  Instead, we do everything we can to remedy the situation to the best of our abilities.

2.  If you request a refund within 24 hours of paying for our services, prior to your event, we will refund the money and cancel the services.  There are absolutely no refunds possible for any reason after 24 hours have passed.  We are not a money holding company for you.  When you pay our booking fee you are paying us to put your event in our calendar.  Once we put your event in our calendar we have fulfilled our obligation to book our services for your event and that money is not refundable.  We provided the service of booking your event into our calendars.  If we provided additional services for you or your event any previously paid money is not refundable for any reason.  You agree with this policy when you give us money.  

3.  If you request a refund after we have provided services for you, we will not refund money.  Why?  We can not turn back the clock and somehow give back the services you were provided so therefore you must pay for those services.  

4.  You may email us here:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.  We do not collect private information, credit cards numbers, bank account info, etc of any kind.

2. Since we don't collect private information we also do not store private information.

3. If somebody asks us for your information, we can't give it to them because we don't have it.

4. You might create a login on our website.  If you do, we will store your email, username and password.  This information will not be shared for any reason.  You may remove your account at any time.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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11. We provide video downloads for our clients. If you want this to be password protected, we will protect it.  If you elect to make the downloads or the livestream public, then you have agreed that it's ok for anybody from anywhere in the world to watch.  We are not responsible for privacy if you elect to make your event live stream or downloads public.

12.  We do our best to create professional quality live stream and recordings.  From time to time we may have trouble with internet connection on-location.  We always record everything so that you have a great quality record of everything.  If internet connection fails at the live event, we will do our best to recover the connection but we are not the internet provider company.  We simply use their service and must abide by their terms and conditions as well.  We are not responsible for crappy internet connection.  So, you will get the recording and you can keep it and share it with anybody you choose.  We do not give refunds  for events where internet connection failed.  

13.  When you hire us to provide services for you, we become your employee.  When you have some issue at work that makes your boss angry, do you give your paycheck back to make your boss happy?  No! You do not.  Similarly, you are our boss.  If you find yourself unhappy with our service, we will not give you back any money for any reason.  That money is our paycheck.  Instead, we will do our best to remedy the situation with additional services for you.  If you don't like us and our policies you can fire us, but we still will not give any money back and neither would you if you got fired at your job.

14. When we upload your recordings we give you 30 days to download the recordings to your own computers.  After 30 days we will delete the recordings and footage.  We store this content at our discretion. If the recordings are important to you, make sure you be responsible and download them as soon as possible.  We are not obligated to store this for you forever.  

15. When you send us photos or video clips for a photo/video slideshow we create a slideshow based on the media materials you have given us.  We do NOT edit those materials in any way.  If there is an error in the slideshow, ie;  upside down photos, that's not our problem.  You need to ensure that all photos/video clips are properly oriented prior to uploading to our servers.  We are not responsible for your content.  It's your content. You own it.  We simply created a slideshow based on the content you sent us.  If we are able to reorient photos at the time of slideshow creation, we will do it.  We process thousands and thousands for photos per hour.  If we inadvertently miss one of your photos that was sent to us upside down, we apologize but we are not perfect and can not be responsible for the orientation of your photos and video clips.  If it is possible for us to redo your slideshow and fix the orientation, we will do it but we can not interrupt another clients processing to redo something for you.  So, please ensure that everything you send us is the way you want the world to see it.

16. Our DVD production process is fully automated.  After the order has been placed we are unable to modify the order and we are required to pay for it even if something is wrong with the DVD.  In the same way, if you ask us to place an order you are required to pay for it even if you don't like it afterwards.  We do not accept returns of your DVD or thumbdrives even if the box was not opened.  Why?  We can not resell your DVD to anybody else.  We also do not have any use for it in our studio.  So, just keep it.

17. If we forgot something in this document, be sure to tell us.  If you don't tell us we will never know.  If you tell us, we can try to fix it.  If you don't tell us, you agree that you are happy with what we have done.

18. If you don't like what we have created, please do not slander us to people you know.  We are just trying to make a living here like anybody else.  We do our best to provide superior service but sometimes we might make mistakes.  We're human too.  So, keep it to yourself and we will respect you and do our best to remedy whatever needs to be done.  When you hire us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  We respect you for this, we thank you for this, we work soooo very very hard for you because of this.  We will respect you, so reciprocate that and we'll do our best to make everything great.

19.  Services and products are provided AFTER payment is received.  If you think we should provide services and products before you pay anything, please go tell McDonalds to give you food before you pay them.  If they do, and they change their policy worldwide, we will change our policy too.  Until that day, products and services will not be provided until payment has been received properly.

20.  We may update these terms and conditions and we are allowed to do so at any time.

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