Exhibitors Welcome!

Here's how you can benefit from the virtual wedding festival: Become an exhibitor. You will be able to talk face to face to brides and grooms and answer their questions. You can book them on the spot if you choose. You can get their contact info so you can follow up with them after the show. You can create those relationships that turn into bookings!

What's the most difficult part of running your business? It's the 'not knowing' part. Not knowing where you can get new leads, not knowing when your next money will come in, not knowing a good deal when it crosses your path, not knowing how to write a contract, not knowing how to get new clients, and so much more!

We help you solve some of the not knowing so you can be in the knowing! When couples attend our shows, you can talk to them face to face in real-time, you can book them on the spot, you can answer their questions, you get their contact information. Then you can really be in the knowing.

After the festival couples can still come back and watch your mainstage segment as often as they want. The mainstage is evergreen and will be available for watching for months and months.

Reserve your exhibitor space by purchasing Show Exhibitor - General. Next, to enhance your reach (optionally), purchase the mainstage exhibitor to be a mainstage exhibitor. If you want the list of attendees, purchase the marketing list of festival attendees

We will contact you after purchase to help you gather everything you need to exhibit at the festival.


Show Exhibitor - General

$150/3 months

This is the ticket for vendors to become exhibitors.  Exhibitors get:

The ability to talk face to face with couples during the festival, just like if you were in an exhibit hall in person, but this is virtual.

Your logo on the mainstage page which links to wherever you want it to go, ie;    Your Zoom meeting, your website, your social media page or anywhere else you specify.  We highly recommend you link your logo to a zoom meeting so you can talk with couples instantly.

Mainstage Exhibitor

$100/3 months

Upgrade to being a Mainstage Exhibitor.  The bulk of festival attendees spend their time in the mainstage room.  The mainstage is the highest exposure you can get at a virtual show.  Mainstage time slots are 10 minutes long.  During your time slot you can do whatever you want.  You can talk, chat, play videos, show a powerpoint, demonstrate your products and services.. what you do is up to you. 

You must purchase an Exhibitor General ticket before you can exhibit on the mainstage.  After you are an Exhibitor General, then you can upgrade to the mainstage.

Marketing List of Festival Attendees

$25/3 months

Get the list of all festival attendees.  The list contains First & Last  names, zip code, wedding date and email addresses of everybody who attended the festival.  This list is ONLY available to vendors who purchased an Exhibitor General ticket, minimum.