Can we talk to couples in real-time?  Yes.  Couples can meet you in a virtual room (think Zoom meeting) where you can share photos, videos, chat and show off.

How do we talk to couples in real-time?  How you do that is up to you.  Couples will be able to click on your logo.  When they click, they will be directed to wherever YOU choose.  If you want your logo to link to a Zoom room, your websites or somewhere else, that is up to you.  Just tell us where you want your logo to link.

Is there are mainstage?  Yes!  The mainstage runs from festival start until festival end.  You can have a ten minute time slot to show off your wares, demonstrate, run a powerpoint, video, photos or whatever you want.  Couples have the option to ask you questions immediately, type in the chat, send you email, etc.  Make sure you prep well for your spot.

Can we have a copy or our time on the mainstage? Yes!  We will record the mainstage.  If you want a copy of your slot, just email us.

How do couples find us during the festival?  When couples login they see the mainstage itinerary.  Your logo is displayed right next to the schedule.  Couples can click on your logo which leads them directly to the destination of your choice.  When you sign on as a vendor you just give us a link to your zoom meeting, your website or social media profile.  This link will direct couples to you during the festival.

What does it cost to be an exhibitor at the festival?  General exhibitor room $150.  Mainstage timeslot $100.  Couples contact list $25.

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