What time does the festival start?  9am

How much do tickets cost to go to the festival?  Nothing.  Tickets are free!  Click here to get your free tickets TICKETS

Do we have to go somewhere to meet exhibitors??  Nope. You can stay home, use your phone, laptop, tablet to meet exhibitors in real-time live.

How do we talk to our vendors?  Vendors will be waiting in a virtual rooms dedicated to each vendor.  You can talk to them live, chat, share photos, videos, websites with them.

Can vendors show us what they do? Yes! Vendors are in their own room, per vendor, where they can show you videos, answer your questions, send you documents, photos, video, etc.

Can we get contact information for our vendors? Yes yes!  Vendors are happy to share their contact info with you.

Can we meet vendors after the show is over?  Yes! Many vendors are happy to set dates and times with you to discuss your needs further.

Can we contract vendors on the spot?  If vendors provide that, you will be able to book them right away.  It's up to the vendor to determine how and when they book.  We just get you in front of them.

Will we be able to meet vendors in person later?  Yes, most vendors are happy to meet with you to discuss your plans in detail.